Three Common Scenarios

  1. After say 10 years as a principal, you have entered a plateau state where the work does not stimulate you as it once did. Job satisfaction and quality of care can both benefit from a personal review, and diversification may bring surprising benefits.
  2. You struggle with the demands of the job, and as time goes on it does not get any easier. You find the latest round of changes difficult to accept, and relationships at the practice are ever more strained. A personal review can lead to changes in your timetabling or the type of work you do, and can result in you becoming more satisfied with the job.
  3. By nature, you find the uncertainties of primary care very difficult. After a number of years struggling with the job, the time has come to make some major changes. A personal review can lead to continued job security in a new branch of the profession which you had not seen as a possibility before.
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