How Healthy is your Partnership?

Yes = score as shown
No = zero

Question Score
All partners meet regularly to discuss patients 4
Some partners meet regularly to discuss patients 2
All partners meet regularly (informally) with no agenda 4
Some partners meet regularly (informally) with no agenda 2
The partnership holds regular in-house cpd meetings 2
Some in-house cpd meetings have no visiting speaker 4
All partners attend the Christmas party 2
Each day, the Drs in the building will have coffee together 6
One or more partners are seen as less equal than the others -2
It is normal for a partner to offer help with over-runs / visits 6
Partners will offer support on hearing of a partner's complaint 6
Partners explicitly agree that we all practise differently 4
One or more partners resent a partner habitually leaving early -6
If a partner needs more med sec time, partners will take action 4
Partners always speak before "delegating" work to a partner 4
Staff used as go-between when work is delegated between partners -6
A Dr has felt the need to gather evidence about a partner's workload -10
The partnership holds awaydays 4
Awaydays are facilitated by someone outside the partnership 6
Do partners return from holiday with all their paperwork un-done? -2
Partners regularly jointly meet with receptionists and other staff 4
If a partner is off sick, they simply let the PM know -2
If a partner is off sick, they let a partner who is in, know first 2
All partners share in surgery buildings and other practice assets 6
Staff find one or more partners unapproachable -4


More than 60 - you have excellent functioning as a partnership, well done!

Around 24 - you have adequate functioning, but it could improve!

Less than 10 - you are running into serious trouble and need to take action.

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