Staff Occupational Health Provision for Gloucestershire GPs

Iona Neeve, Head of Professional Performance, Medical Team NHS South Region, has provided the following text as information for GPs:

The services offered are provided by Working Well, based at Gloucester Royal Hospital (link to be updated shortly)

There is a number and email address on their website. GP can directly go to working well to access OH services which if the OH team feels it is beneficial will include 6 sessions of counselling.

GPs can either self-refer or my team can set this up if they prefer.

If a GP is struggling they can contact us - in certain circumstances we may (and have done previously) consider funding additional counselling or similar treatment if there is a clear business case and we have the funds available at the time so I would like to encourage GPs to make contact with us if they are in difficulties.

The phone number for GPs to ring is 01452 894480 or email workingwell@nhs.net

The NHS will pay for up to 6 appointments, whether telephoned or face to face. Further appointments will usually have to be paid for by the GP but in exceptional circumstances the CCG would be prepared to support an application to NHS England to fund further appointments. Application would need to be made in good time as it is unclear how long the processing of the application might take.

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