This jointly LMC and PCT funded service supports Gloucestershire GPs and Dentists who are experiencing challenges in their professional life.

What is available here?

For GPs, Dentists and Practice Managers;
The following web pages provide information and access to the local group of Advocates. Advocates are experienced practitioners from the LMC, the LDC and the PCT, and you can see their profiles and contact details. You can then decide if you wish to contact someone, and if so whom. Contact can be anonymous if you wish.

Confidentiality & Anonymity.

This service is provided with a complete awareness of the need for 100% confidentiality*, so it is password protected. We take this issue very seriously so in the following web-pages there is the facility to exchange written messages with an Advocate anonymously. Unless you mention your name, the Advocate cannot identify you.

We feel this is vital because of the great sensitivity of some of the challenges that GPs and Dentists experience.

For Advocates;
The pages allow you to see and respond to requests for help.

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* Clearly [and inevitably] there is a 'Shipman clause', where if something were clearly a risk to patient safety it would be mandatory for this to be shared with a member of the Patient Safety Committee. In this exceptionally rare situation such action would always be disclosed to the practitioner concerned.

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