GP Partnerships

The NHS has long supported the idea of GPs working together and in the 1968 contract, which essentially put the specialty on the map, group practice was encouraged. Today's familiar GP partnership model has both advantages and disadvantages but in theory it does enable GPs to have clinical freedom, and to be independent contractors who cannot be accused of being in thrall to government initiatives or vested interests eg drug companies. To some, this remains the essential bedrock of what we do.

The potential for difficulties in a partnership often results from:

  • Lack of clarity about the joint aims and ethos of the partnership.
  • Not appreciating the nature and importance of differing doctoring styles.
  • Perceived inequalities of workload.
  • Work-habits engendered by a certain working environment, which persist when that environment changes.
  • Individual doctors' partial or total unsuitedness to work as a GP

STP and new ways of working.

As traditional modes of working are challenged and new team structures and relationships emerge, we are developing new materials to support GPs - more anon!

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