Performance Coaching Self-Referral

Kevin Chamberlain, contact: kevinshome@me.com

As a doctor or dentist with a career dilemma you are asked to undertake a Performance Coaching Self-assessment.

Please download the pdf file before arranging a coaching interview. This will allow for some self-reflection and permit a wide- ranging discussion around what would be best for you.

Why coaching?

  1. GPs spend most of their working lives listening to other people, so taking time out to reflect can be quite difficult. As a coach I listen to what is going on in each person's work and their lives outside work, to what is working well and what isn't, and what values are important to them. This allows us to consider the issues that are being faced, and helps people crystallize what they want to be doing and why.
  2. Coaching is a powerful process of development, particularly when used for working through individual challenges and difficulties faced in professional situations.

'Coaching Skills: a Handbook', Jenny Rogers (2004) identifies six important principles which help to define coaching:

  1. The person receiving coaching (client) is resourceful
  2. The coach's role is to "spring loose" the client's resourcefulness
  3. Coaching addresses the whole person - past, present and future
  4. The client sets the agenda
  5. The coach and the client are equals
  6. Coaching is about change and action

Who is the coach?

Kevin Chamberlain. Kevin's original involvement in Somerset was as an acting practice manager, and freelance consultant for the then Somerset Family Health Services Authority. He represented the interests of GPs and Dentists for a number of years on the Training and Enterprise Council. A registered coach, he works he works with major financial companies, worldwide consultancies and international recruitment companies

How can I access coaching and what will it involve?

Contact Kevin on 0788 4280195 or kevinshome@me.com

An initial face-to-face meeting will be arranged. The initial meeting may last up to two hours, as required. Subsequently you will be offered sessions of face-to-face, telephone, e-coaching, or a combination of all three, to suit yourself. Distance-based approaches have proved highly successful for a number of reasons for GPs, dentists and pharmacists.

Is it confidential?

YES. You have direct access to the service. No named central record could or would be kept. This is in line with the Association For Coaching and European Mentoring and Coaching Council code of ethical responsibilities.


Please contact Kevin for a quote of the costs involved. Typically, an average coaching intervention would require 3 - 6 hours of your time. Action plan Career options and opportunities will be explored and an action plan agreed that will help you to make any career choices. This may focus on changes that you might want to make within an existing job or choosing a new job, specialty or career.

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