About GP Safe House (GPSH)

The GPSH project grew out of the Somerest Clinician Support Service (SuCceSS) which began in 2009. It is part of an international movement to enhance patient care by taking the welfare and working environment of practitioners seriously. The underlying philosophy is that a doctor or dentist who is unwell, under stress or burnt out, will not to able to provide optimal care for patients.

Problems such as ill health and underperformance often have their roots in long-term, unrecognised or unacknowledged stressors arising from work-related causes.

You might be struggling with internal strife in a partnership, or your personal clinical workload may threaten to become unmanageable. These and many other common scenarios are identified in the GP Safe House (GPSH) which provides information and resources for commonly experienced difficulties.

The theory is that self-help at an early stage will avoid the more serious long- term pitfalls. GPSH allows GPs and and where they are included Dentists to share other people's discoveries and to use these to develop more contented professional lives and better care for our patients.

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Many thanks, Roger Crabtree.

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